Thailand Justice or Thailand Injustice ??

This website was made for sharing my experiences after 20 years in Thailand.

I do hope others will share their legal experiences in Thailand.


Quality, not quantity, I only got one dad.

Thirteen years old and making this website to raise awareness of what could happen in amazing Thailand.

The legal system drives us apart; look to my story. We will update every two weeks.

”Attempt murder at 3:30 AM
Acting as dead or being dead.”

Nineteen stitches later and 27 months, the predater was convicted to 2 years in prison.

What's the value of life?

- Kris Derweduwe


My dad was accused of trespassing into the house he owned with my mom.

Here is the video streaming of the event...

What do you think?

My father got one-year imprisonment for this.

Second Allegation

My dad got convicted for 15 days in prison for an act that he didn't committed.
Three contradictional statements.
For those who can read Thai, here is the report.
"A scratch on a car brings you in prison for 15 days."

”The truth is the truth, if you cant stand the heat leave the kitchen.”

- Kris Derweduwe

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